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6 Basic Cleaning Tools You Should Be Using For Your Cleaning Service

Welcome to my article where I’ll be discussing my 6 basic cleaning tools that You should also be using for your cleaning business.

Before I started my cleaning service, I worked as a housekeeper in the healthcare sector.

As someone who started off cleaning in healthcare settings, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it truly means to clean with detail and precision. 

It was in those demanding environments that I built my skills in “detail cleaning” – a method where every nook and cranny matters and cleanliness is non-negotiable. 

What surprised me most, was discovering that you don’t need expensive, high-end tools to achieve professional-grade cleanliness. Instead, a few inexpensive yet highly effective tools can work wonders.

In this article, We’ll discuss what each cleaning tool is while providing some cost and other considerations. I’ll also provide a list of cleaning tasks that you can complete with each tool.

Whether you’re tackling a residential project or a commercial space, these simple yet awesome tools can elevate your cleaning game to a whole new level.

Some of you may not know that pumice can also be used as a cleaning tool, but it is! Pumice stones have been around for ages, initially used for removing calluses and dry skin. Pumice is formed from volcanic lava and is a lightweight, abrasive stone perfect for scrubbing. Its natural texture makes it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Pumice Stones are good for:

  • Removing hard water stains from toilet bowls
  • Cleaning and descaling mineral deposits from porcelain sinks
  • Removing rust stains from porcelain or ceramic surfaces
  • Cleaning and scrubbing pool tiles to remove calcium deposits
  • Removing stubborn grease or grime from barbecue grills
  • Cleaning and descaling the inside of coffee makers
  • Removing paint or adhesive residue from glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and exfoliating tile and stone surfaces in showers
  • Removing lime and mineral deposits from faucets and fixtures
  • Removing buildup and scale from the bottom of pots and pans

Cost & Considerations

Pumice stones are a budget-friendly addition to your cleaning toolkit. But make sure to get the pumice stones that are made especially for cleaning and not for skin care.  

Although inexpensive,  keep in mind they can wear down quickly, especially on tough jobs. My tip? Always have a few on hand to make sure you can complete the job, especially for stove and oven cleanings. 

Conclusion: Incorporating pumice stones into your cleaning routine can elevate your cleaning efficiency, especially for those challenging tasks.

Pumice stones are good for burnt-on kitchen messes, and hard water stains. Just remember to stock up. Another crucial tip is to designate stones for specific areas to maintain hygiene and effectiveness.

The Magic Eraser might seem like a regular sponge, but it’s so much more. 

It’s made of melamine foam, which acts like super-fine sandpaper to gently scrub away stains and marks. This little tool is a game-changer in the cleaning world, making tough stains disappear like magic

Once dipped in water, the  Magic Eraser is a go-to for its ability to tackle a wide range of cleaning challenges

Magic Erasers are great for:

  • Removing hard water stains from toilet bowls
  • Cleaning and descaling mineral deposits from porcelain sinks
  • Removing rust stains from porcelain or ceramic surfaces
  • Smoothing rough or callused skin on feet and elbows
  • Cleaning and scrubbing pool tiles to remove calcium deposits
  • Removing stubborn grease or grime from barbecue grills
  • Cleaning and descaling the inside of coffee makers
  • Removing paint or adhesive residue from glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and exfoliating tile and stone surfaces in showers
  • Removing lime and mineral deposits from faucets and fixtures
  • Cleaning and smoothing the surface of terracotta pots or garden statuary
  • Removing buildup and scale from the bottom of pots and pans

Cost & Considerations

Magic Erasers are quite budget-friendly, but they do have a downside. They tend to break down and wear out with heavy use, especially on rough surfaces. So, while they’re affordable, remember to keep a few in your kit for backup. 

Magic erasers may also remove some paint off of walls when cleaning, so be extra careful not to overdo it! 

Conclusion: The Magic Eraser is a small but mighty tool in the professional cleaner’s toolkit. It’s affordable and incredibly effective for a variety of tasks. Just keep in mind the constant scrubbing leads to the sponge breaking down (depending on your cleaning tasks) so have a few spares ready. 

You might think of a toothbrush as just for keeping your teeth clean, but in the world of professional cleaning, it’s a secret weapon! A toothbrush is perfect for those tiny, hard-to-reach spots where bigger brushes(or cleaning rags) just can’t reach.

The gentle bristles of a toothbrush can be surprisingly effective! It’s all about getting into those narrow gaps without causing damage.

Tasks for Toothbrushes:

  • Cleaning and scrubbing grout between tiles
  • Removing dirt and stains from shoe soles and treads
  • Scrubbing and cleaning small kitchen appliances (e.g., coffee grinder, blender)
  • Cleaning and scrubbing keyboard keys and other electronics with small crevices
  • Brushing and cleaning jewelry to remove dirt and tarnish
  • Scrubbing and cleaning hard-to-reach spots in bathroom fixtures
  • Removing dirt and debris from the bristles of other cleaning brushes
  • Cleaning and detailing car interiors, including vents and crevices
  • Scrubbing and cleaning small and intricate parts of tools or machinery
  • Cleaning and revitalizing the texture of suede or nubuck shoes or accessories
  • Removing dirt and grime from the soles of sports shoes or sneakers
  • Cleaning and scrubbing small household items with intricate designs or patterns

Cost & Considerations

Toothbrushes are incredibly cheap, making them a cost-effective tool for detailed cleaning. The beauty of toothbrushes is that you don’t always have to buy new ones; you can simply sanitize and reuse them. This not only saves money but is also environmentally friendly. 

While a toothbrush is excellent for delicate tasks, there are wire brushes for more robust scrubbing and scraping. These are mostly used for grout and grills. Just make sure to be cautious – these wired brushes can scratch if you use them on the wrong surface! 

But you can also just pick up a medium or hard-bristle toothbrush. 

Conclusion: A humble toothbrush might not look like much, but it’s a powerhouse in the cleaning world for tackling those intricate spaces. Affordable, versatile, and easy to maintain, it’s a tool that no professional cleaner should overlook. 

A vacuum cleaner is essential in any cleaner’s arsenal, but when it’s equipped with attachments, like the crevice tool, it transforms into a true beast of! 

A crevice tool vacuum attachment is designed to access and clean tight and narrow spaces effectively, making it a valuable tool for detailed cleaning tasks around the home and in vehicles.

However, the tools are only as good as the vacuum, so choosing a good working vacuum is essential. 

The crevice tool also allows you to reach deep into corners, along edges, and into the tightest spots – areas where a standard vacuum head just can’t reach.

A Crevice tool is great for:

  • Cleaning narrow and hard-to-reach spaces along baseboards
  • Removing dust and debris from gaps between furniture and walls
  • Vacuuming crumbs and dirt from between sofa cushions
  • Cleaning and extracting dirt from car seats and upholstery seams
  • Reaching into tight corners and crevices in kitchen appliances
  • Removing pet hair and debris from gaps in upholstery or pet beds
  • Vacuuming dirt and dust from window tracks and sills
  • Cleaning between radiator fins to remove dust and particles
  • Reaching into crevices in electronics and small appliances to remove dust
  • Cleaning and dusting vents, grilles, and air ducts
  • Extracting debris from gaps in closet shelves and storage units

Cost & Considerations

While vacuums can be among the more expensive pieces of equipment, they are necessary for professional cleaning. 

Most industrial or professional vacuums come with attachments, but not all vacuums come with attachments or even if they do, they may not come with a crevice tool.

so make sure to do your research and pick the vacuum that’s best for your cleaning business.

Conclusion: Investing in a good vacuum with a variety of attachments is essential for any serious cleaning professional. It might be a significant investment, but the versatility and thoroughness it brings to your cleaning routine make it invaluable. With the right vacuum and attachments, you’re equipped to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, leaving spaces not just clean, but deeply and comprehensively cared for.

Microfiber is a relatively recent innovation in the cleaning world and has quickly become a favorite among professionals and homemakers.

A microfiber towel is a highly absorbent and quick-drying fabric made of fine synthetic fibers. It is commonly used for cleaning, drying, and absorbing liquids due to its superior wicking and cleaning abilities. It’s made from incredibly fine synthetic fibers and is designed for more efficient cleaning.

Now when it comes to microfiber versus terry cloth, I love and use both. But if I had to choose one, it would be my beloved microfiber; due to its ability to attract dust like a magnet.

Cleaning Tasks for Microfiber Towels

  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Cleaning and shining glass and mirrors
  • Wiping down kitchen countertops and appliances
  • Scrubbing and cleaning bathroom surfaces
  • Removing fingerprints and smudges from screens and electronics
  • Detailing and drying a car’s exterior and interior
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Absorbing spills and liquids from floors or carpets
  • Cleaning and conditioning leather and upholstery
  • Dusting and cleaning blinds and window sills
  • Wiping down stainless steel appliances to remove smudges
  • Cleaning and buffing stainless steel sinks and faucets
  • Drying dishes and glassware to prevent streaks

Cost & Considerations 

Learning how to properly clean and maintain your cleaning towels is key to keeping them performing at their best. Unlike regular laundry, microfiber cloths should be washed separately to avoid lint transfer. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach; they can damage the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.

Microfiber cloths come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly to more expensive options. Generally, they are moderately priced and offer great value due to their durability and effectiveness.

Conclusion– Microfiber cloths represent a significant leap in cleaning technology. Whether it’s for general dusting, polishing surfaces, or replacing traditional dusters, these towels are a must-have in any professional cleaner’s kit. Their ability to clean effectively, combined with proper care and maintenance, makes them a wise and sustainable choice for various cleaning tasks.

When it comes to cleaning products, Dawn dish soap may be last on my list, but certainly not least. Dawn is probably my absolute favorite cleaning product. It has incredible grease-cutting power, but it’s so much more than just a dish soap. This versatile cleaner can be used on virtually everything, acting like an all-purpose cleaner.

Cleaning task for Dawn’s Dish Soap:

  • Washing dishes and cookware to remove grease and food residue
  • Cleaning and degreasing stovetops and range hoods
  • Removing grease and grime from kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Cleaning and degreasing barbecue grates and utensils
  • Pre-treating stains on clothing, fabric, and upholstery
  • Cleaning and degreasing oven racks and baking sheets
  • Removing oil and grease stains from driveways or garage floors
  • Cleaning and degreasing automotive parts and tools
  • Removing grease and oil stains from hands and skin
  • Cleaning and degreasing bike chains and gears
  • Removing sticky residues from labels and stickers on various surfaces
  • Cleaning and degreasing outdoor grill grates and surfaces
  • Removing oil and grease stains from clothing or fabric

Cost & Considerations

One of the best things about Dawn dish soap is its affordability. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality or effectiveness. Its concentrated formula means a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice for various cleaning tasks

Conclusion: Dawn dish soap is a powerhouse in the cleaning world. Its versatility and grease-cutting abilities make it a must-have in any professional cleaner’s toolkit. Whether you’re dealing with a tough kitchen mess or looking for an all-purpose cleaning solution, Dawn has got you covered. Its effectiveness, coupled with its affordability, makes it an invaluable asset in achieving a spotless clean.

As we wrap up, remember that the true power of these tools lies in your hands. With these 6 Basic tools, combined with your expertise and attention to detail, you’re well-equipped to tackle any cleaning task, leaving behind spaces that are not just clean, but remarkably so. 

If you’re interested in other ways to revamp your cleaning business or more professional cleaning tips, subscribe to my email. As always, Happy Cleaning!

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