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My Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN Mop Review

Product Specifications

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Model: FGQ75500YL00

Material: Aluminum

Style: 4ft-6ft

Product Dimensions (Handle):48″L x 2″W

Color: Yellow

Sitting at my dining room table, I realized that it’s been three years since I bought my Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN Mop, a fact that came to light after a quick review of my Amazon purchase history.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into my personal experiences with this mop, exploring its features, efficiency, and overall value.

I needed a durable, microfiber mop system to use for my cleaning business. Most of my cleaning clients have really nice floors. And they came in many varieties!

Some of my clients had hardwood floors. Some had stone floors, some had tile. But regardless of how nice the floors were, I wanted to make sure I picked a good mop that would clean all of them efficiently. I was previously using a Microfiber Wholesale brand mop.

I’m not sure what happened to that mop, and why I had to purchase the Rubbermaid mop. But after doing my research and reading some reviews, I decided to go with it!

Like I said, I decided to purchase this mop to use for my cleaning business. I needed something durable but also inexpensive. I was also looking for a mop that would fit the microfiber mop pads that I already had which were 18 inches long. Since the Rubbermaid mop was both inexpensive, heavy-duty, and I could customize the size of the frame, it seemed like the perfect choice.

Overall, my experience with this mop has been awesome. One thing that I love is how flat the top of the mop is. Some mops can be bulky at the top, making it harder to get in between narrow spaces. I also love the bright yellow color, it stands out from the typical metal professional-grade mops that are sold.


The main reason why I love this microfiber mop is its durability. I’ve been using it for at least three years now, and it’s held up! I haven’t had to buy any replacement parts. It still looks good, nothing is broken or hanging by a thread. Except for a few cosmetic scratches, it’s still holding up pretty well. 

Easy to Maintain

The Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN mop has an aluminum frame and is easy to clean and disinfect. With a wet rag and a couple of seconds, you can wipe it down after all your cleaning jobs.

Another good thing is the velcro strips that stick to the microfiber mop pads are removable. So when those get dirty, you can remove them, wash them, and put them back in place. Additionally, if they wear out, you can replace them without having to purchase an entire mop frame.

Adjustable Length

Rubbermaid does offer a non-telescopic mop handle thats cheaper. However, I’m 5’2” and often have a hard time mopping floors due to a long mop handle. So this was a much-needed feature for me.

The specific mop handle I purchased is 4 feet and extends to 6 feet. Rubbermaid also offers multiple sizes, including a telescopic mop handle that extends to 18 ft! This is the handle you want for high-ceiling dusting and windows.

Changeable Mop Frames

Another positive feature is the changeable frames. Like I said earlier, I ordered a 17-inch mop frame because I clean small offices and houses. However, if you’re an industrial cleaner, or just cover large floor areas, Rubbermaid offers frame sizes 59 inch, 47 inch, 35 inch, 24 inch, and 11 inch. 

Replaceable Velcro Strips 

If the velcro strips are damaged, you can replace them without having to replace the whole mophead or frame, which also saves you money. The velcro strips are offered in various sizes to accompany the different-size mop frames.


Because the mop frames come in different sizes, you’re able to tackle various cleaning tasks that are outside of floor care, such as cleaning baseboards, cleaning windows, high-dusting flat surfaces, and cleaning walls.

Another awesome thing is you can purchase whatever brand of microfiber mop pads you want. Although Rubbermaid Commercial does offer microfiber mop pads, you can pick from other brands. Just make sure which ever pads you choose, that they fit your mop frame. 

Ok, so if I had to pinpoint a slight downside, it would be the price, although its not that bad…

Honestly, this mop has been flawless for me over the past three years. But when you stack it up against similar products, it does feel a bit on the steep side. But not by too much. The cool part is the customization options you get with the handle and frames – they’ve got a bunch to choose from.

For my 17-inch mop head it was around $24, and the handle cost about the same, tallying up to roughly $50 in total. 

If you’re thinking of grabbing different frame sizes for different projects, these costs could add up as the larger the frame, the more expensive. Meanwhile, you can snag a similar commercial-grade microfiber mop for around 20-$30 elsewhere. Here’s two different mops that are similar to the Rubbermaid Commercial Hygen mop.

This mop starter kit from Microfiber Wholesale is $34.98. It also comes with 2 microfiber mop pads and 1 dust mop pad.

Here is another similar mop from ULINE for $31.

So, in all fairness, part of what you’re shelling out for is the brand. Rubbermaid has been making the products that we love since 1920 and has had commercial cleaning products since 1968. So respectfully, they’ve earned their street cred. But just know when you purchase Rubbermaid, you are purchasing quality. 

In conclusion, the Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN Mop stands out for its durability, maintenance ease, adjustable length, changeable frames, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for various cleaning tasks.

Despite its higher price compared to some alternatives, its quality, customization options, and the brand’s reputation justify the investment for those in need of a reliable cleaning tool. Bulk buyers might find better deals with wholesalers. But if you’re just looking for one good durable mop, this one is top-tier. 

Whether for commercial use or household cleaning, this mop offers a blend of performance and convenience that can cater to a wide range of needs.

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How do you use a Rubbermaid Commercial Mop?

Given the variety of mops Rubbermaid offers, the usage method depends on the model in question. Generally, for traditional mops, you’ll attach the mop head to the handle and dip it into your cleaning solution, wring it out, and mop. For more advanced models like the HYGEN microfiber mops, you attach a wet or dry microfiber pad to the mop frame. With spray mops, fill the reservoir with a cleaning solution, and use the trigger to spray the floor as you mop. 

Can you wash a Rubbermaid Dust Mop?

Yes, the Rubbermaid Dust Mops are washable. Remove any loose debris, machine wash with a mild detergent, and air dry to prepare it for its next use.

What is a Pulse Mop?

A Pulse Mop features an integrated reservoir for releasing cleaning solution directly onto the floor as you mop, eliminating the need for a bucket and simplifying the cleaning process.

How do you use reusable mop pads?

Attach the reusable mop pad to the mop head velcro strips before cleaning. After use, detach it for washing and reuse whenever needed. This method is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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