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The Best Magnetic Tiles For Kids: My Ultimate Magblocks Review 

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Welcome to my review on the best magnetic tiles for kids…magbocks! Did you know you could potty train a toddler in just 3 days? It may sound unbelievable, but that’s what I discovered while researching potty training tips for my little one. During my search, I came across the book “Potty Training In 3 Days” by Brandi Brooks, which led me on an unexpected journey to the best magnetic tiles.

In the book, the author recommended reducing screen time during the potty training process, as electronics can distract toddlers and hinder progress. Looking for alternative home activities, I stumbled upon magnetic tile toys – and boy, am I glad I did!

What Are Magnetic Tiles? 

Magnetic tiles, also known as magnetic building blocks or magnetic construction toys, are a type of educational and creative playset designed for children. These tiles consist of flat, colorful, and geometric-shaped pieces made of plastic or other materials. Each tile is embedded with strong magnets along their edges or corners.

The primary feature that sets magnetic tiles apart from other blocks is their ability to attract and stick together due to the embedded magnets. This magnetic attraction allows children to connect the tiles in various configurations, allowing imaginative play and encouraging exploration

The versatility of magnetic tiles empowers children to construct an array of shapes and objects, from bridges and castles to delightful butterflies. However, it’s essential to note that each brand and set of magnetic tiles offer distinct features, leading to a wide range of creative possibilities for young builders.

What You’ll Learn

In this review, I’ll talk about the benefits of children playing with magnetic tiles, as well as any safety precautions parents should take. I’ll also be sharing my personal thoughts on the Magblocks brand, and explain why I think they are the best magnetic tiles for kids.

My Magblocks Review                                                                 

Discovering the world of magnetic tiles can be a game-changer for kids. They’re a game changer for us adults too! These colorful and versatile toys offer a host of benefits that spark creativity, encourage learning, and provide endless fun.

No matter the brand you decide to choose , you’re sure to reap the awesome rewards. Here’s a list of why magnetic tile toys are generally a good investment.

8  Benefits From Using Magnetic Tiles 

  1. Build STEM Skills (Science Technology Engineering & Math) -Geometry is the study of the size, shape, position, angle, and dimensions of things. As I stated previously, magnetic blocks come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Children will be engaging their “problem-solving skills” by using the various tile shapes to create abstract structures and patterns.
  1. Learn About Magnetic Energy- Magnets are science, and toddlers can be curious little crickets. Playing with magnets will allow them to explore their curiosity about how they work. 
  1. Fun For All Family Members– Looking for activities you can enjoy with your toddler can be a challenge, this is probably one of my top favs about magnetic blocks. I purchased the magnetic tiles about a month ago and let me tell you! My toddler and I have been playing with them every day since. They’re really fun. 
  1. Challenging– Building objects and structures using the various shapes may be challenging for your tot, as they will need to see which pieces fit where, almost like a puzzle. This is more challenging than the standard rectangle and cubed blocks. 
  1. Engaging – Toddlers will be using eye-hand coordination as well as their problem-solving skills to build shapes and objects. 
  1. Quiet-Time Activity– If you’re a parent who needs some quiet time, this activity may help keep them at bay, as they will be fully engaged, focusing on building and creating. 
  1. Battery-Free Fun– Research shows that kids and adults both can be overly stimulated through electronics. You can rest assured that while your tot is playing with magnetic tiles, they are engaging in a healthy learning activity.
  1. Inexpensive– I admit, this is not true for all brands. Generally, they’re a budget-friendly activity.

So ya see why I had to give em’ a try? I mean… It’s a no-brainer at this point! Now that you’re aware of the overall benefits, let’s get into why the Magblocks brand is awesome.

Why Magblocks Are The Best Magnetic Tiles For Kids

  • Affordability–  I purchased my Magblocks set from Amazon in January of 2023 for $43.99/100 tiles. As of right now, the same set is on sale for 36 bucks! Some brands are charging between $50 – $100+ for a 100-piece set. As you can see, you get a bargain.  
  • Cool Packaging- The tiles came in a white product box with the image of the Magblocks printed on the front & back.The box itself is colorful, clean, and sturdy. Upon opening, there’s a white cardboard tray that holds the tile pieces.
  • Several Designs & Set Options– Magblocks offers different styles of magnetic blocks such as princess theme, & solid pastel colors. Sets come in various sizes from as low as 66 tiles to as high as 170.  
  • Durability – Although the magnetic tiles are plastic, they’re quite durable. One tile by itself is quite light, but the full box of tiles is quite heavy. We’ve stepped on the tiles with and without shoes and they haven’t cracked. We’ve also built structures on concrete where they have all fallen and are not easily scratched. Structures hold up well on carpeted surfaces. They’re not perfectly level but it gets the job done.
  • Safety- Magblocks are made with food-grade plastic. Magnets seem appropriately strong. The bolts are secure and strong. Edges and corners of tiles are smooth and not sharp or pointy
  • Choking hazard– There’s a choking hazard Warning posted on the box. Most tile sizes in this particular set are too large for the mouth, however, there are 2 tile sizes that you want to be careful of. Images of the pieces are shown below. 
The Smallest Tiles In the Magblocks Set


The magnet strips that are located in each tile should be securely bolted inside the tile. If tiles were to break somehow, the magnets would be a choking hazard, along with any other broken pieces. Magnets could cause harm and death if swallowed.

Seek immediate medical attention if magnets or any other pieces are swallowed. 

Showing close up of the inside of one of the magnet tiles.

Negative Experiences While Playing With Magblocks Magnetic Tiles

My daughter’s skin has been caught in between two tiles a few times. It was a good little pinch and she did cry the first time. To an older kid, it may not hurt much but to a toddler…Woah! 

The pinching happens every so often and now, she takes it like a champ just letting out a little “owee”. 

It’s my honest opinion that the magnets are not overly strong, or that it’s a “Magblocks” issue…I just think that’s what happens when you’re playing with magnets. If the magnets were any less powerful, they probably wouldn’t serve their purpose. 

If you don’t want the risk of your child getting pinched, magnetic tiles may not be the best option for them. But don’t fret! They can always try them next year.

Magnetic Tile Toys Safety Tips 

  • Clean up magnetic tiles after use- this will prevent tiles from being stepped on and damaged
  • Prevent toddlers from putting tiles in their mouth- Not only will this will decrease the chances of choking, but it will also decrease the chances of plastic tiles being beaten, broken open, and magnets being possibly swallowed
  • Handle magnetic blocks with care,- prevent toddlers from rough play or banging blocks on objects. Although durable, they could break
  • Conduct weekly thorough checks- Thoroughly check each tile block and make sure it is not damaged, throw away any damaged pieces and don’t try and fix them 
  • Be cautious of falling tile towers. They can be heavy when together
  • Check if Magnetic tiles are age appropriate before purchasing


Do all magnetic tiles work together?

No, all magnetic tiles do not work together. There are magnetic tile brands that are compatible with one another, but not all are. Some magnetic tiles come in different designs, structures, and sizes. All of the different tile brands may not fit one another. Not to mention the magnet power may differ from brand to brand. 

Which magnetic tiles brand is best? 

Magblocks magnetic tiles are one of the best brands, and least expensive. It’s also the best magnetic tiles for toddlers, as they are not too powerful or too small. 

Are Magna tiles better than other magnetic tiles?

Yes, Magna tiles are better than some brands out there, but there are also some brands just as good as Magna Tiles such as Magblocks. One of the reasons i think Magblocks are one of the best magnetic tiles for kids is because its inexpensive, but just as durable as the top brands.  

What are the most popular Magnet tiles?

Magna Tiles was created by a Japanese math teacher, and is actually the brand name of the most popular magnetic tiles. Magna Tiles were created in 1997 to help kids create geometric concepts. 

Which magnetic building blocks are the best? 

Magblocks are one of the best building blocks. They are safe, inexpensive and durable. 

Are magnetic blocks safe?

It depends on the brand of magnetic blocks. Not all brands are created equal. It would be in good practice to study the product’s specifications and certifications. Is the product made with food-grade plastic? Are there any choking hazards? Making sure the product is age-appropriate, reading reviews before purchasing. These are all good ideas.   

Are magnetic blocks good for toddlers? 

Yes! Magnetic blocks are great for your toddler’s STEM skills, eye-hand coordination, as well as problem-solving skills

Can 2-year-olds play with Magnetic tiles? 

No, 2-year-olds should not play with magnetic tiles. Most magnetic tiles come with a choking hazard due to small parts. Magblocks magnetic tiles are for children 3 and older. There are magnetic blocks specially made for babies that will probably be safer for a toddler.

With there being so many brands of magnetic tile toys out there, you may need help choosing the best magnetic tiles for your child. Magblock magnetic tiles are by far an exceptional brand. They’re affordable, durable, safe, which is why I think they are the best magnetic tiles for kids. Have you & your family tried magnetic tiles? Please leave a comment below, and let me know what you think.

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